Sivas Factory

After stepping into the sector as a marble atelier, it was decided to do this work in the factory dimension in Sivas after a positive return of progress with a quality production and workmanship principle; As a result of this, a factory with a production capacity of 350.000 m2 / year was established on a total area of 26.000 m2 including 9.000 m2 closed and 17.000 m2 open area. In Sivas Factory there are Antique, Regal Beige, Regal Spoty Beige, Tundra Blue, Emperador, Travertine marbles are processed. Every year, the machine park continues to progress with the principle of renewal.

Sivas Fabrika

Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
3. Cadde Numara : 1 Sivas/ Merkez
Telefon : +90 346 218 12 00 (pdx)
Fax        : +90 346 218 10 10

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